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Auftragsstatus abfragen

You can view the real-time status of any order you have in any way online. At the same time, we provide the main logistics company's Web site links, for you to track your order after leaving our warehouse until you receive the goods between the state. You can refer to the following steps to track your order.

               order status page shows detailed information about the order, including the delivery status of all items: full delivery, partial shipment or not yet shipped. On this page you can reorder all goods, or return to the search results page.

               if you want to know the details of each line of goods, please click on the details of the shipment status. The page will then be displayed for the delivery of information goods, including delivery date, box number and logistics waybill number.

               Provides links to thelogistics company, logistics company, you can click the waybill number to enter the company's website delivery status

Order from historical order

If you regularly order the same product for the same delivery place or consignee, you can view a historical order and load all of the products into the shopping cart to create a new order. Please refer to the following steps:

               enter the sales confirmation number or search through other search conditions to meet all of your needs. If you want to see help on searching history orders and viewing history order status, click the order status help topic.

               when the target order appears, click the "reorder" button.

               shopping cart page will appear immediately, which contains all the information in the original list.

               please change according to the actual needs, and then click the "get / confirm packaging specifications" button to update the total amount of the cart.

               click on the "add cart" button to add all of the above items to the cart.

               page refresh will enter the shopping cart page. In this case, you will be able to modify the order quantity, modify the mode of transportation, add / remove goods, save the shopping cart for future submission, print preview orders, submit orders, etc..