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In pharmaceutical industry, big Pharma, as well as biotech and drug development companies, depend on an intricate network of partnerships in the academic, business and technical realms to get drugs through the extensive clinical trial process and into the market.

When drug developers need some active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) that they are not able to make the molecules and compounds in-house, custom synthesis service provided by a chemical specialist will often be brought in to do the job. In most situations, it's almost invariably done under confidentiality agreements.

The quantity and quality of the custom synthesis project are normally defined by the customers. A recipe or a process may be offered, but we may have to design our own synthetic route to make the molecular or compound. Custom synthesis can be as low as a few milligrams, or it could be as high as 10 kilos or more. When you go above that sort of scale, it's normally called contract manufacturing.

LEAPChem delivers high-quality and efficient custom synthesis of complex organic molecules in the mg to kg scale to accelerate your research and development programs. We have in-house experienced chemists to provide support services for the synthesis of organic intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs, reference standards, special materials of Silicone, OLED materials, functional materials, etc. Please be noted that we have particular expertise in synthesis of special materials of Silicone.

The applicable chemical reactions in our custom synthesis service include Coupling Reaction, Grignard Reaction, Low-temperature Reaction (-78 degree), Substitution Reaction, Additive Reaction, Metal-catalyzed Reaction, Oxidations/Reductions, Nitration/Nitrosation, etc. Using existing methodologies or designing routes to organic compounds of interest, we have chemistry experts with specific skills to assign to your custom synthetic projects on a wide range of key starting materials and high purity organic compounds.

Our objective is to develop long-lasting partnerships with innovative companies, please do not hesitate to contact us if you need a competitive quote on custom synthesis project.