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  • Product No. : SS000127
  • Cas No. : 54-11-5
  • EINECS No. : 200-193-3
  • HS Code :
  • Synonyms : (-)-1-Methyl-2-(3-pyridyl)pyrrolidine; 3-(1-Methyl-2-pyrrolidinyl)pyridine
  • Molecular formula : C10H14N2
  • Molecular weight : 162.23
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Appearance:colorless or brownish viscous liquid
Assay,Non-aqueous titration:99.0% to 101.%
       A. Specific optical Rotation:-140 to -152
       B.IR.comparing with the Ph.Eur.reference spectrum of nicotine
       C.λmax=257nm to 261
         not more intense or colour thanY5,BY5 or R5
Water:0.5% max
Ethanol:0.5% max
Hexane:0.029% max
Heavy metals:10ppm max
Sulphated ash:0.1% max
Nicotine-trans-N-Oxide,area;0.2% max
Nicotine-cis-N-Oxide,area:0.2% max
Myosmine,area:0.5% max
Continine,area:0.2% max
β-nicotyrine,area:0.2% max
Nornicotrine,area:0.5% max
Anabasine,area:0.3% max
Anatabine,area:0.3% max
Any unspecified impurity,area:0.1% max
Total Nicotine-N-Oxides,area:0.3% max
Total impurities(Specified and unspecified),area:1.0% max

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Symbol         Signal Word T+;N
Hazard Statements Precautionary Statements
R/S Phrases Hazard Class
Packing Group WGKGermany
UN UN 1654 Beilstein

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